Free Printable Easter Cards

Create and Print Free Printable Easter Cards at Home

Easter Story

Speaking of beginnings, did you know how the customs and traditions surrounding Easter started? The story of the Easter Bunny is an interesting one and it actually had less to do with the holiday and more to do with the time of the year – Spring is mating and procreation season for most animals and the rabbit(hare) represents fertility. Easter got its name from the festival celebrated in honor of the Pagan Goddess of Fertility, Easter!

So wherever you are and no matter how you celebrate, here’s wishing you a Happy Easter and a wonderful, beautiful, joyful spring.

Now, it’s your turn to send your loved ones the same wish with free Easter Ecards or free Easter Printable Ecards.

Kids can select a card, personalized it and print or they can print coloring card and color it. Kids have the opportunity to express their creativity and talents. Friends, teachers and relatives who receive the cards appreciate them more as your child took the time to personalize each card

Spread smiles, love… and Spring cheer!
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